DejaVu Quest, Inc.

DejaVu Quest is a South Florida based Web3 / Metaverse native company specializing in virtual reality, decentralized Web3 application development, Metaverse related AI and virtual world platforms.

The Quest

At DejaVu, our quest is to explore the emerging Metaverse economy in-depth. We work with industry experts, organizations and change makers for quality research and development related to Meta experiences in various fields including games, interactive experiences, virtual events, entertainment and transformative education.

The Metaverse Research Initiative

Metaverse Research

As we transition to the next stage of the internet’s evolution, the Metaverse is increasingly at the forefront of what is being referred to as ‘Web 3.0’ and it is expected to reach a market value of $13 Trillion by 2030, based on recent predictions by the Citi bank.

At the MRI, our quest is to explore this emerging economy in-depth.

Key Areas of Focus

Ensuring presence, interoperability, and standardization.


Enable the decentralized web3 to place ownership of user data in the hands of users themselves.

Blockchain Integration

Facilitate immutable records of transparent transactions to optimize business processes, improve security, and maintain trust between stakeholders.

NFT Assets

Ensure digital asset ownership and migration of NFTs into interoperable Metaverse ecosystems.

Token Economy

Support metaverse products and services to serve communities through legal and ethical token creation, distribution, supply and incentive mechanisms.

Extended Reality

Offer deep and immersive VR/XR environments, avatars and 3D assets to power the metaverse interactions within immersive virtual ecosystems.


Empower proactive governance that gives control to the community, powered by on-chain protocols including proposals and voting mechanisms.

Metaverse AI

Integrate AI to create interactive, and interoperable real-time smart virtual platforms where users can socialize, learn, play, and create.