DejaVu Quest, Inc.

DejaVu Quest is a pioneering technology company based in South Florida, at the forefront of the AI, XR, and immersive reality revolution. We specialize in crafting cutting-edge solutions that leverage our proprietary server architecture to power AI-driven applications, XR experiences, and immersive digital twins. Our expertise extends to blockchain and Web3 technologies, positioning us as leaders in Metaverse-related AI and virtual world platforms. Join us in shaping the future of innovation at the intersection of AI, XR, and Web3, where possibilities are limitless.

The Quest

At DejaVu, our quest is to shape a smarter future in HealthTech, ImmersiveTech, and EdTech by seamlessly integrating AI and XR technologies. We are dedicated to leveraging these new technologies to solve real-world problems. Join us as we pioneer advancements in these transformative fields.

Key Areas of Focus

Intelligent Agents

Enhancing user experiences with smart, responsive AI.

Blockchain Technology

Pioneering in secure, decentralized digital ledgers.

Media and Education Tech

Elevating media consumption and transforming learning with innovative technology.

Innovation Hub

Where technologies converge.

Metaverse Development

Crafting immersive and expansive virtual worlds.

HealthTech & AI

Innovating at the intersection of healthcare and artificial intelligence.

Digital Twins and Humans

Creating dynamic virtual replicas and AI powered personas.