Social Good
Our Mission to Giveback

'Many a flower blooms unseen,' a principle guiding our mission to uncover and nurture hidden talents. By deploying innovative technologies and leveraging partnerships, we've created platforms that empower thousands with opportunities previously out of reach. Our commitment to giving back has transformed lives, proudly supporting the deserving. Discover the impact below. (2021 - Present) is Sri Lanka's first peer-to-peer learning platform, leveraging our technology to offer video content and automated exam prep free for students. With over 50,000 users and partnerships with Aspirations Education and the EduHope Foundation, our aim is to expand access to 300,000 students, supported by our sponsors. (2018) launched a virtual reality talent competition in Sri Lanka, judged by Grammy and Emmy winners along with local stars, drawing 4.5 million visitors and 50,000 voters. It provided a platform for winners to gain national and international acclaim, highlighting Sri Lankan talent globally.